Meet the Family



What can I say about my sons? I am blessed.

Can you see the mischief in the youngest one’s eyes? If I had to give him a Shew nickname then it would be Clown Shews. Cowboy, who is six, loves to make his brother laugh. He is my creative one who loves art and cooking.

Secret Agent T (briefly known to you as Baseball Shews) is the oldest at nine years of age. He loves to laugh so his little brother comes in handy. T is my deep thinker who loves Nerf guns, Spy gear and wants to be a scientist that creates weapons for the Army.  As a side job, Secret AgentT wants to be a Ninja. He’s our athletic kid who is great at baseball.

I love these boys. I love being a mom of boys. ❤

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

This is my Renaissance Man and I mean it in every sense of the word.  Todd is amazing.  He’s the guy our friends ask to borrow.

He’s the more organized AND list oriented of the two of us.  He cooks, grills, makes homemade pizzas.  He made a pizza oven for our outdoor entertaining (we love to entertain)!

In the fall  we enjoy spectacular pizzas.  Why not all year long?  We live in Texas and firing up the oven, that can get to up to 800 degrees, in our triple digit summers is crazy!

Besides cooking, this man is a carpenter/furniture maker, restorer of all things broken. Mr. Fix It.

But before you get jealous …

This man also is a “Picker.”

He rescues discarded items he finds abandoned at the curbside.  I will say he upcycles most of his finds and those items he doesn’t upcycle ends up hanging around until inspiration strikes. (Sometimes that could take months)


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