Why We Homeschool

“Why did you choose to homeschool?”  It’s a question often asked by parents who are considering to do it themselves and other times it’s curious friends or strangers.

The number one reason I give in response is:

I want my boys to learn.  Plain and simple.  I don’t want them to learn how to pass a test.  I don’t want them to learn how to give a correct, specified answer in order to pass so that our school district can “earn” their funding and have good standing.  I want them to explore knowledge, it limitless.

Another reason we homeschool:

Freedom OF Religion

I can teach my sons about the foundation of our faith without fear of reprisal.  We can openly discuss our biblical worldview.  I want my boys to be able to stand firmly in their faith and KNOW what they believe and be ready to defend it because they will have to.


I don’t want my sons to learn a revisionist history of this GREAT NATION.  I love my country.  We have done GREAT things and I want to promote love and allegiance for their country.  I want them to learn about our founding fathers and not through the 21st century lens.

The best advice I heard was to let my children learn about the Revolution and Civil War directly from the men and women who LIVED through it and not from some college grad’s interpretation.  AMEN!  Autobiographies here we come!

There are countless reasons why homeschooling is the best choice for our family.  I can tailor their education to the individual.  I can speed up their lessons or go as slow as we need to go.  We can explore art and nature and physical education whenever and wherever we want.  We’re not tied to our home as some would believe.

Many parents tell me homeschooling is something they could never do.  I was one of them.  Some would say you have to have a degree in teaching.  I’m sure it helps.  We teach our kids all the time by action and in-action.  We’ve taught our kids to speak yet most of us are not certified linguists.  Some of us have taught our toddlers to identify letters, shapes, signs, to read or even a second language before they get to preschool.  You can teach.

I don’t have a degree.  I’m certain my words are picked over for errors and I’d be the first to tell you I am not a Grammar Queen.  There are times when I am learning right along with my sons.  Fascinating fact – Iguana’s have a third eye.  There are true seals and then there are sea lions.

The available curriculum that’s out now is amazing with teachers guides and online help.  I’m never alone in this journey and what I don’t find online I find in fellow homeschooling parents.

What are we learning this year?

Apologia Biblical Worldview – Who is God and How Can I Know Him?

Saxon Grammar

Mystery of History (World History)

Apologia Zoology 2 – Swimming Creatures (my boys LOVE this curriculum)

Singapore Math

Wordly Wise Vocabulary

Let me repeat, there is an overwhelming amount of online videos and tutorials that cover a multitude of subjects that can help aide in just about EVERY subject you can think of.  So many local venues, such as art museums, manufacturing facilities, community leaders are open to homeschool groups.  My boys have toured the Toyota factory, a bakery, our local grocery store (HEB Central Market – it’s huge), radio stations, Sea World… It’s been a great adventure.

My kids do not miss out on Valentine Day parties or any holiday parties because I get together with other homeschool moms and make our own.  My boys have friends within homeschooling AND on the outside world (yes, we do get out of our caves and socialize).

Listen, I came to homeschooling by accident, didn’t plan on doing it.  My husband and I BRIEFLY talked about it.  I viewed it like a pipe dream and my husband viewed it like a plan set in stone.  I missed Kinder Round Up day called my husband in a panic thinking I just ruined our first born.  My husband simply replied, “Oh, I thought we were homeschooling.”

I hung up the phone numb.  My little world suddenly exploded, leveling everything within a 100 mile radius and thus, our homeschooling journey began.  We are in our fourth year of homeschooling and my confidence is growing.  Are you thinking about homeschooling?  Just remind yourself you can teach.  You teach your child everyday and look how far they’ve come.


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