Socialization is for the dogs. Not my sons.

Miss Sundae

Miss Sundae

There’s a hilarious Pin on my “In a Few Words” board on Pintrest that features Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl,” meme.  It basically says we socialize dogs and educate kids.

Wikipedia‘s definition of “Socialization” states

Socialization is the process by which human infants begin to acquire the skills necessary to perform as a functioning member of their society, and is the most influential learning process one can experience.[9] Unlike other living species, whose behavior is biologically set, humans need social experiences to learn their culture and to survive.[10] 

As the whole world knows, home educators NEVER leave their house, hence their concern for the well-being of our children.  When they ask the inevitable, “What about socialization?”  What most are REALLY asking is, “Do you ever leave your cave?”  As if we are hermits, holed up in our compounds, who never make eye contact with civilization when we dare to make a trip to the grocery stores without our husbands (or wives).  (gasping for breath)

Okay, okay, it’s not THAT bad but the question does surface and not necessarily from friends but sometimes strangers.  My husband and I were grilled, chastised, made to stand trial for our decision to homeschool our kids by acquaintances (a former teacher and her daughter… who was a teacher).

“We need good kids in our schools.”  Like it’s MY fault I won’t feed my sons to them?  She proceeded to ask the question of the universe, “What about socialization?”  Her nose crinkled  when she asked it.  I immediately thought of the bullying epidemic.  Was that the ‘socialization my sons were missing out on? No thanks.  I don’t recall our answer.  My husband jumped in to enlightened them.  Satiated with our reply,  the women went on to complain about class size and uninvolved parents.

Yes, the question does get under my skin. Continue reading


The First Day of School

School in Review:  First day of school was priceless!  It was like Christmas morning for my first grader.  He had been looking forward to our school house decorations.  In fact, he had reminded me on several occasions NOT to forget to decorate.

Third Grader

Third Grader

My plan was to day by day prepare decorations and put them up before going to bed the night before school. FAILED!  August 25th I scrambled to put my plans into action.  I hastily printed Mario coloring pages and employed my husband to color them in as soon as I cut them out.  I pasted figures on 12 x 12 scrapbook pages of blue and red. I searched my supplies of poster board sticky letters and spelled out their names and “Welcome Back” and arranged them carefully on the paper.

Meanwhile, I grumble under my breath, Why did I start this tradition?  Why didn’t I just set aside the time until now??

It was midnight when I finished.  My husband had gone to bed at 11:30 so I was left to tape up decorations and make sure they were reasonably centered. FAILED but I really didn’t care.  I was glad said husband had gone to bed because THAT would never do.

I showered and crawled into bed.  My alarm was set to go off at 6:00 AM.  I was not off to a good start of the school year.

Next morning I got out of bed, made coffee and sat down to do my devotional then get on with MY time to write.  (I write novels as a hobby that maybe one day I’ll do something about).  7:30 creeps around and my Cowboy starts to bumble out of bed.  My husband watches from the hallway as Cowboy enters the dinning room where I had set up for school.  Amazement cracks open his sleepy blue eyes and a smile threatens to close them up because his cheeks can’t get any higher.

The boy is in awe.  “How did she do that?”  He asks his Daddy, who slowly turned the lights brighter so he could get a better look.  Cowboy rushed off to wake up his brother and tell him the great news and our day begins.

My heart is overjoyed.  That’s why I do it.

That’s why I will stay up until midnight to get the job done.  My sons will remember this.  That I’m sure of.  They’re going to remember the crazy things I did to show them I loved them, long after I am gone.

First Grader

First Grader