Hi my name is Candes.  I am a Christian with all the rough edges that comes with being human.  I am the last person to say I am perfect.  I struggle just the same as anyone.  I’m passionate about writing but not great at grammar, so forgive me.

Aside from being a redeemed human being, I have been married to my renaissance man for about 16 years but don’t quote me.  I’m the type of woman who doesn’t ask for directions nor do I read them when I put things together. SO, when I say, “don’t quote me,” I truly mean I’d have to break out the calculator to figure it out.

I have been a SAHM to my two awesome boys for about six years.   Special Agent T is my 8 year old son and Cowboy is my youngest, 6 year old, son.  We have been home schooling for about four years now and I still feel like I have a ton to learn.  A little note – I’ve read a lot of blogs and have seen cutesie names for kids. I get why they do it (I’m doing it) but it bugs me.  Just typing those names for my boys makes me cringe.  Why am I stating this?  Special Agent T was going to be called Baseball Shews because he’s really great at baseball.  I was going to give everyone Shew names because hey, let’s face it, there’s a million things you can do with Shews.

It’s my goal to make you feel a lot better about your journey in homeschooling because you probably have it all together or a semblance of it.  I’m still tripping along but I’m kinda getting the hang of it.  I have an eclectic way of doing things.  I hate being fenced in so it has carried over into our curriculum and our schedule.  I am not sold out to one curriculum.  I’m open to secular books BUT they have to pass tough scrutiny.

Why did I choose to homeschool?  Well, how I came to homeschool is a WHOLE other story but my main concern was:  I don’t want my boys learning how to pass State mandated tests like STAR or TAKS or whatever it is called now.  I wanted to give them the chance to really learn about what THEY are passionate about at a rate that is their speed.  I wanted my sons to learn an unrevised history of our great country. MOST of all, I wanted them to learn and not be afraid to talk about God, to believe in an Intelligent Designer rather than an evolving monkey.  (I’ll present both sides with an emphasis on what we, as Christians, believe).

School Shews is a blog about our journey homeschooling.

Okay, I broke out the calculator and as of today, August 9, 2013, we have been married a total of 16 years going on 17 come December.  So,  I was right.


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